Pastor Introduction

Senior Pastor Daniel I. Park

Pastor Park represents the Baptist traditions of excellence and Biblical fidelity in preaching.He seeks to deliverthe true message of God and His Gospel through teaching and storytelling, illustrating his lessons by demonstratinghow the timeless message of the Holy Bible applies directly to our lives in contemporary society.

Assenior pastor of New Song Church, Pastor Park sees his ministry as one of caring for his flock, God’s people inCarrollton, TX.His work is inspired by Christ’s final commandment:To preach the Gospel to the end of the world.AtNew Song we implement this mission via the five key values (5C:Celebration, Cell, Children, Community, Churches) toachieve our three goals (3S:Saving, Serving, Sending).

Pastor Park is a creative and inspirational yetdown-to-earth teacher.His thoughtful, creative, and moving sermons draw the listener in, using vivid language toexplore deeply the words of the Bible and make plain to us the message of hope, grace, and salvation that is God’spromise to us, his people.The concepts of service and mission are critical themes of his ministry at New SongChurch.

Pastor Park’s Education

  • George Washington High School, San Francisco, CA
  • Patten University, Oakland, CA:BA
  • Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, Wake Forest, NC:MDiv, MACE
  • Dallas Baptist University, Dallas, TX:DDiv

His Career

  • Pastor:Dallas, TX New Song Church (current)
  • Pastor:Raleigh, NC First Korean Baptist Church (past)
  • Board Member: US Southern Baptist Convention Korean Church Groups Education Ministry
  • Co-representative for US:Renovaré (an interdenominational Christian not-for-profit dedicated to helpingindividuals and churches become better Christians by engaging in intentional spiritual formation)
  • Strategy Advisor:Green Ocean